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​Welcome to My Bliss

Pathway to your Health and Wellness


   Founder    Transformational Life Coach     Holistic Practitioner


As a Holistic Healer, Ronna specializes in transformation of the Mind, Body Spirit . Healing the whole person, by creating a happier & harmonious life, for her clients. She customizes their services, showing them how to live their best life! Teaching her clients to live with more Passion, Purpose & Prosperity. 

As a successful Transformational Life Coach, and through her extensive holistic training and powerful release techniques she helps her clients, become more fulfilled & successful in their visions, goals and life balance. Through her holistic and wholehearted approach, she helps to "nurture, guide and support", her clients by co-creating a whole-wellness approach to healing. Transformational Life Coaching, uses holistic health methods, such as; aroma therapy, essential oils, crystals, affirmations, yoga principals and stretching, guided meditations, and other proven techniques, to calm the mind, and retrain the mind and body. Her goal is to give her clients, the very best experience and desired outcomes possible. She has helped so many clients to overcome "past blocks, anxiety, depression, frustrations, obstacles, old thought patterns and life's challenges". Clients who work with Ronna, will begin to live life more fully, as a they become more happy, balanced, and peaceful. Transformational Life Coaching "raises ones vibration", as well as "up levels their personal hopes, dreams and desires", and creating a new personal growth vision and holistic pathway for healing and personal growth!

Positively changing client's lives!  Heal your Mind, Body & Spirit! Find your BLISS!

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